Transforming Construction
with Smarter, Stronger, Faster Commercial & Industrial
Building Systems.

Formsteel’s innovative approach and advanced technology offer a smarter, more sustainable alternative to traditional building methods. With automation and expert support at every stage of the building process, Formsteel makes it easier to construct superior large-scale buildings over 1,000sqm.

Formsteel building range

Built to exact requirements, your Formsteel building will allow you to optimise site space to best suit your commercial activities.

Companies using Formsteel Buildings


Why Investors, Specifiers and Builders choose to partner with Formsteel:

A Greener
building footprint

Our patented SuperSpan beams offer superior strength yet use less steel than traditional structural steel beams. This not only means a reduction in raw material cost, but a reduced carbon footprint – without compromising on structural integrity, design aesthetic or durability.

Precision guaranteed

Automation using our Structural IQ software also ensures greater accuracy. No human error, no time-consuming re-works, no project delays.

More usable space

Our purlins and girts are installed between the portals of the structure, rather than on the exterior of the portal, giving a crucial space advantage especially in heavily racked warehouses.

Faster to install

In the crane hire world, the bigger the crane and the longer you use it, the more it costs. Formsteel’s building system can largely be erected by lighter machinery, reducing costs and removing the complexity of getting heavy equipment on-site at the right time.


SuperSpan™ advanced bird-proofing makes your building disease-free. Essential for food processing, pharmaceutical manufacture, storage & logistics.

Engineered to last

Zero failures even in the most extreme conditions. SuperSpan withstands 300km/hr winds and the heaviest snow loads, while offering significant seismic strength through lower mass. We underwrite every Formsteel structure with a 50-year structural guarantee.

Span further
than ever before

Our patented beams are stronger yet lighter than traditional steel beams, allowing you to design with 60m clearspans or endless spans with support columns.

Discover SuperSpan >

More return
on investment

Ultimately we understand that it all comes down to the bottom line. All the Formsteel advantages described, contribute to significant cost savings and reduced complexity throughout the building process. Enjoy a substantial increase in the
return on your investment.

Design your own Building in
6 easy steps with our 3D Builder.

From Concept to Quote in 24hrs

Designing your ideal building has never been easier. Whether you have a clear vision or need some inspiration, our builder helps bring your ideas to life in just 6 easy steps. Once you’ve created your design, our expert team will run it through our innovative engineering software, Structural IQ, to ensure it’s structurally sound and meets all necessary requirements. Within 24 hours, we’ll send you detailed pricing with no cost or obligation.

Take the first step and start designing with our 3D builder.

Formsteel's SuperSpan building system.
A revolution in steel beam design.

Get greater confidence in the strength and resilience of your structure. Our innovation in steel beam design has revolutionised the way that large-scale steel buildings take shape.

Developed by our expert PhD engineers, the SuperSpan patented design has created an increase in power-to-weight ratio. A reduction in steel weight means less raw material cost immediately – so you’re ahead before you start, with no sacrifice on structural integrity.

Why choose Formsteel SuperSpan™ over traditional structural steel?




Less Carbon







SuperSpan vs Universal Beam

A direct comparison demonstrating the benefits of specifying SuperSpan.

Access the expertise you need for the most efficient build

You can have full confidence specifying a Formsteel building. Our expert team of engineers, designers and manufacturers provide a single point of contact and are at your shoulder to support your vision, taking noise out of the supply chain and delivering a final build to you will be proud of – and no more grey hairs at the end of the day.

Discover more about specifying and building with Formsteel:

10 weeks of specification and design work done in 1 day.

We’ve pioneered change for engineering efficiency. Our Structural IQ software automates and accelerates the entire process, from quote to manufacture, allowing you to prepare, draft and produce documentation with complete accuracy and ease. It saves countless hours for architects and engineers, doing in a matter of minutes what could otherwise take weeks.

Our simple and powerful software and expert design services help engineers, architects, developers and construction companies by taking the grunt work out of complex engineering equations and adds true value to your commercial and industrial projects.

Structural IQ produces:

Meet our team of experts

Working with Formsteel is like having the world’s best engineering support at your shoulder.

From PhD qualified engineers, to those that have worked in some of the largest factories in the world. Our software developers are no slugs either, with extensive knowledge and expertise gained across many industrial sectors, both here in good old New Zealand and internationally. Guidance, advice and everything you need to know about designing a world-class structure with our revolutionary steel beams and industry-leading technology.

Technical leads and management

John S.
Structural Engineer
BE(Hons) Civil, MEngNZ

Jane S.
Structural Engineer
BE(Hons) Civil, MEngNZ

John S.
Structural Engineer
BE(Hons) Civil, MEngNZ

Jane S.
Structural Engineer
BE(Hons) Civil, MEngNZ

John S.
Structural Engineer
BE(Hons) Civil, MEngNZ

Jane S.
Structural Engineer
BE(Hons) Civil, MEngNZ

John S.
Structural Engineer
BE(Hons) Civil, MEngNZ

Jane S.
Structural Engineer
BE(Hons) Civil, MEngNZ

How to get started with Formsteel

Our expert team is here to help take the complexity out of the build process for your next project.

For general enquiries and new project information, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 1 working day, or call free to chat about your project – 0800 800 003

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