Tray Flooring

Tray Flooring

  • Designed to maximise strength whilst minimising weight
  • The strongest tray flooring on the market
  • Perfect for lightweight industrial, commercial or residential purposes
  • Optimizes adaptability, functionality and cost effectiveness
  • Easy to install

With quite simply the most advanced composite flooring system on the market today, Formsteel is your solution for any professional flooring requirements.

Having spent the better part of 50 years in the industry, the experts at Formsteel have been able to use their vast expertise and experience to fine tune their craft, making sure that we are creating and supplying Kiwis with the absolute pinnacle in tray flooring. As your specialists in steel, we pride ourselves on delivering steel structures and flooring that exceeds all expectations and our team of experts are continuously seeking out new ways to set the benchmark.

Using only the absolute best and latest materials that allow us to combine maximum structural strength with minimum weight, we are able to create appropriate tray flooring for all types of spans. Our advanced steel flooring system is specifically designed to interlock and perform as a core reinforcing element within a structure, once the steel and concrete has bonded together, providing you with the strongest tray flooring possible.

When you hire Formsteel to design and supply your tray flooring, you can rest easy knowing that you are investing in the highest quality flooring the industry has to offer, while enjoying the many benefits that come with our composite flooring solutions. The perfect fit for a wide variety of uses, from lightweight industrial and commercial spans right through to providing the ultimate solution for residential roofing and flooring, Formsteel’s composite flooring solutions are specifically designed to optimize adaptability, functionality and cost effectiveness – not only that, but we also design all of our products to be easy to install to boot.

When it comes to premium grade flooring, you simply can’t go past Formsteel. We are NZ’s leading name in the manufacture and supply of structural flooring for a reason. So get in touch with Formsteel today and let us provide you with the absolute best flooring solutions on the market. 


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