Storage Units

Storage Units

  • Custom units for all purposes!
  • Premium grade materials for ultimate protection!
  • High Strength! 
  • Fully bird and rodent proof!
  • Constructed to withstand any environment conditions!
  • Easy to erect!

Buy Storage Units at Formsteel Technologies

When you’re looking around for a storage unit, there is one feature that should take precedence over any other and that is the storage unit’s ability to protect what is stored inside. After all, if it is not going to protect sufficiently, what is the point? That is why Formsteel takes pride in providing first class storage units that won’t let you down.

As your answer for premium storage, we offer fully customised units comprised of the strongest materials available, optimizing the performance of all our storage units. We understand that you will have individual needs and requirements, which is why we don’t pigeonhole you with predetermined sizes. Instead we offer full flexibility of design, making any size possible, in turn maximising the economic efficiency and practicality for your storage needs. Whether you need mini storage units, large workshops or even industrial units – Formsteel has all your needs covered.

One thing we don’t compromise on is quality. All storage units built by Formsteel are made from the absolute strongest materials, ensuring that our products can withstand anything nature throws at it, protecting any cargo for the long run. All Formsteel storage units are also made to be fully bird and rodent proof, while we also utilise superior strength cladding in order to provide clean, uncluttered walls.

Our premium grade storage units are also fully designed and engineered to suit any specific site conditions. So regardless of whether your area is susceptible to tropical cyclones, extreme sea conditions or any other form of extreme conditions, we will build you a storage unit that will stand tall and won’t let you down.

Affordable Storage Units

When you invest in a Formsteel storage unit, you can rest easy knowing that you are investing in the absolute best storage units the industry has to offer. So for all your storage unit needs, simply give the team at Formsteel a call and let us show you why we are New Zealand’s leading manufacturer and supplier for secure storage.

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