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Why choose steel for commercial buildings?

Steel is a steal when it comes to your business success, your future and your ability to move when demands change. In terms of longevity, it’s pretty much the new kid on the block. Noah was building the ark long before steel came along. Timber, stone and mud and dung were way earlier than high tensile steel. But once steel was discovered, and the making of it improved, its value was very quickly appreciated pushing steel to where it is today – the top of the building material hit parade.




What gives cold rolled steel the advantage over other traditional building materials? And if you invest in steel today, will you regret that decision later down the track? Well not if trends continue the way they have in recent decades. Let’s briefly mention timber and masonry, two traditional and longstanding materials used in the construction industry today. Here’s how steel stacks up to those competitors.

  • New ways of manufacture
  • Outstanding green credentials
  • Perfect for off-site manufacture
  • Cheaper to produce
  • Has flexibility
  • Can withstand the harshest of climatic conditions
  • Can be created in various sizes and strengths
  • Adds value to your property
  • Is attractive to buyers
  • Offers super long guarantees
  • Shorter building times
  • Cheaper to insure
  • Resistant to fire
  • Maintenance kept to a minimum
  • Ideal for custom building

That’s why.


All the above points are facts. These are proven and established matters which clearly set cold rolled steel up as a preferred option in sheds, houses, agricultural buildings, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, and so much more. There are few if any buildings which cannot be erected and look great when built using steel.

One of the best features of steel is the scientific development happening all the time. Engineers are working on ways to improve the quality of steel manufacture, making it stronger. Steel is at the forefront of inventions and research and development. The environment is doubly important today and will remain so in the future. The green credentials of steel are widely appreciated making it the go-to material in so many projects.



It’s a cheaper option for builders and because steel is so suited to off-site manufacture, building time is reduced. So many components can be made away from the site and then delivered ready for immediate construction. But it’s not just the cost of the raw material. Your prices are reduced by making steel components in controlled premises. It means the components are finished safely and quickly allowing the actual construction to take less time.


But hold on a minute, the cost benefits don’t stop there. With a cutting edge company such as Formsteel, they have developed unique engineering software which optimizes the amount of material required in any building, which can reduce materials by up to 30%. It’s crucial to make sure you engage the right high-tensile steel design and manufacturing experts to be on your project team. Financially, you win every which way.


Bending your building material is tricky if not impossible or dangerous with most building materials. Not so with steel. It is super flexible, giving designers the ability to create functional but exciting exteriors and interiors. Steel components can be massive or small, thick or thin and are ideal both for both inside and outside parts of your building. It really is the all-round building product, so you can really get creative and dream big!


Steel is robust. You can build with confidence in wild and wintery weather using steel and know it will not just survive but thrive. It is a durable and long-lasting material. Imagine the massive buildings we see reaching skywards today being made with timber. Steel is versatile, durable and here for the long haul.



Steel adds value to your building. As the years pass by, a steel building appreciates in value. If you come to sell later, your original investment will leave you offering a brilliant investment. Buyers know quality and are attracted to buildings made with steel. Why do you think builders using steel offer decades-long guarantees? Are they worried their handiwork will suffer faults and flaws? On the contrary, they know their steel buildings are as safe as … well, houses.

And as if all the above is not enough to have you demanding steel for your new building project, remember that this material is resistant to fire and thus attracts cheaper insurance premiums. Of course, every building needs regular maintenance, but by using cold-pressed steel, you need less maintenance, less often. From a cost point of view, choosing steel is a bit of a no-brainer.



What are your plans?

Are you renting and want to get into your own premises? Is your current building too small and do you wish to expand elsewhere? Would you like to extend your existing building? If YES applies to any of those questions, think steel. With the right designer, manufacturer and builder, you can change your locale for the best price in the shortest time. Do it!

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