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What are the major advantages of high tensile steel buildings?

Across New Zealand, there is such a vast variety of custom designed high tensile steel buildings available for landowners, businesses & developers to consider. Take a closer look in any commercial area, and you will find you are surrounded by them, from older buildings to brand spanking new. In New Zealand, the history of high tensile steel metal buildings is one that began in our rural areas and agriculture industries, providing the right type of shade and shelter. Well, things have evolved considerably over the years, and today’s pre-engineered & designed commercial & industrial steel structures have a lot more to offer.



Through the use of premium grade high tensile steel, combined with new manufacturing technology processes, commercial steel and industrial steel buildings are constructed of roll ormed & precision cut components to exact specifications. The significant advantages are saving than structural steel or timber. On top of that, the lighter structure reduces foundation requirements, form-work and erection equipment costs.

Unique, on time and on budget.

We understand that construction is evolving, and so are we. Industrial steel or commercial steel buildings don’t have to look boring! We offer a great range of customisable steel cladding finishes, that gives you endless options to add serious appeal to your project. This applies to all the Formsteel building categories:

Mega Build – New Zealand’s biggest spans and floor sizes. Formsteel beams have been designed to span 30% more than the competitors, without increasing the amount of steel.
Custom Build – Medium to large scale custom builds, adapted to brand requirements, or perfect for adding to existing structure.
Rural Build – Medium to large scale sheds and buildings for the agriculture & horticulture industries.
Speed Build – Fastest supply models that have Pre-approved engineering specifications for your local zone loadings and local building authorities.
Aero Build – Custom designed aircraft hangars
Arena Build – Custom designed equestrian and outdoor sporting structures


Combine that with a great big dose of imagination, you can specify steel by itself or combine it with other materials across. The end result will be a structure that will enhance any landscape, along with the working environment for the people that will be in it. And that’s where Formsteel has really evolved, providing your engineers, architects & builders with plenty of options to be as creative as they want, while using a single-source supplier – It’s simpler, better & more efficient.


Managed Proactively.

With either custom or pre-fabricated steel buildings, essential they are managed proactively across the building process to ensure the project’s delivery is on time. In the 46 years, we’ve been around, fair to say we’ve learned a thing or two. Collaboration between design, contractor and the manufacturer, drives the construction schedule and great efficiencies can be gained by working as a team. That’s why we’ll be with you every step of the way, to help simplify & save you costs on drawings, engineering, material usage, installation time & final signoff.

Performance During Seismic Activity.

Within the context of New Zealand and its geography, that’s where ultra-high tensile steel has the most significant advantage, especially in the design of the steel purlins. Compared with other construction materials, ultra-high tensile steel beams have outstanding strength & performance during seismic activity. It’s a simple matter of physics and weight bearing ratios, ultra-high tensile steel purlins, rafters and beams means less mass during earthquakes, which equates to less damaging forces to your structure.

Time equals money.

High tensile steel warehouses, retail stores and general commercial buildings have shorter construction times because of their ability to be erected in weather conditions that are less than perfect, which we are well familiar with here in good old New Zealand. Form Clad creates a one-step installation process and eliminates multiple checks and passes required with finishes such as EIFS or brick veneers. In conventional construction (brick, block, EIFS) the weather conditions and seasons play a much bigger roll on the duration of the project. Building teams must rely on decent weather conditions so they can proceed with the different phases of the construction process.


The future is bright for the steel kitset construction & the steel manufacturing industry. Whatever you plan to build from Aircraft Hangers, Farm Sheds, Industrial Units, Equestrian Arenas or a General Commercial Buildings, the challenge we have is to ensure that innovation continues across our processes to inspire & delight you.


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